I am absolutely disgusted what the newspapers did with regards to the Vanessa Robinson case. Its hideous! How dare those journalists assume that she killed the kids without proper investigating it! However, I have to take some consideration as they would not write this crap if it wouldnt be in the public interrest, so I am not sure what’s worse.

But what bothers me most is what those people did on facebook. Its bad enough that people created facebook pages against the mother, but on top of all that a hideous amount of people followed up on it, so I am again not sure what is worse!

But dont blame facebook, its just a tool.

I work on the first floor of a building that is on a corner of a rather busy suburbian intersection. Everyday I can hear beeping of horns of cars, shouting, fowl language, screetching of tyres you name it … its all happening down there. I even have visuals as our building has lots of windows!! How can I expect compassion against a mother who supposed to have killed her kids if we do not learn to have it in traffic?

A Buddhist would look at a person who would do such thing (as in taking a life) and would try to understand that a person can be in such a horrified and terrible state to actually do such thing.

There is a HUGE difference between trying to understand someone and disagreeing with what a person has done as kill someone (this is what compassion truly is) or just blindly and in total hate stamp someone to be a killer and not worth living.

It is exactly that group of people who cannot see what the truth really is and discover it. The need the help of people who can see what the truth really is.

Without compassion, no truth.