Some facts about meditation.

  • Meditation is some new FAD.
    No, mediation is not new age FAD. It has been done for thousands of years and has been extensively studied and found to bring specific benefits, especially reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Meditation is a religion
    No, meditation is being used by people of all sorts of religions. Religion is a belief system, meditation is to aid your mind/body health.
  • Meditation is just relaxation
    No, meditation has been shown to produce specific chemical changes in the brain. If you want to relax, go and get your mp3 player, your headphones, something to lay upon and some quiet place to be and listen to your favorite songs. Transcendental meditation, however, is known to cause the brain to release a soothing hormone known as prolactin, it is associated with positive, upbeat feelings.
  • You cannot meditate if you cannot sit in the lotus position
    No, to meditate you only have to be comfortable. Some people can do this in the lotus position, some people sit in a chair, meditation can also be practiced while walking and please refer to swimming-training-as-a-meditation. However, it should not be so comfortable that you go to sleep.
  • Everyone can do it.
    Yes and No. Meditation is a learned skill, you need to seek teaching, but once taught everyone can do it.
  • Meditation is hard work.
    Yes and No. If you start meditation and you are in a busy job, (maybe) unhealthy life style, depressed, not relaxed, stressed and have never done it before, yes it will be hard work – but that is the same with everything new, start playing hockey it is really hard to keep the ball close to the stick but after a while it is natural and other things (e.g. strategy) is hard. Same with meditation – it will be hard at first to concentrate on your breath and keep concentrated for 1 minute – but after a while this will be natural and you can aim “higher”.
  • Meditation will take years to show effects.
    This is very untrue. You will have signs after the first session but you can only know this once you have done it. So go and find yourself a teacher and get meditating – the sooner you start the sooner you will see the effects.

Happy meditating.